than 29000 flying hours inthan 29000 flying hours in

29000 total flight hours29000 total flight hours

to 29000 flight levelsto 29000 flight levels

he has 29000  flight hours andhe has 29000 flight hours and

flight hours across 29000flight hours across 29000

flight hours  14 1 cyclesflight hours 14 1 cycles

the five hour trip passedthe five hour trip passed

170 million flight hours170 million flight hours

this flight will demonstratethis flight will demonstrate

returned after 26 hours inreturned after 26 hours in

fly for ms global logofly for ms global logo

29000 hours of flight time29000 hours of flight time

29000 hours of flight time29000 hours of flight time

has averaged 29000 flighthas averaged 29000 flight

and that the flying timeand that the flying time

and 29000 flies   what doand 29000 flies what do

lets flying  this time i wantlets flying this time i want

ufos flying jpg  4966 bytesufos flying jpg 4966 bytes

29000 hours in 55 years29000 hours in 55 years

have a total flight timehave a total flight time

typical flight timestypical flight times



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